The great thing about digital marketing is that absolutely everything is measurable. If you can click on it, we can measure it. There is nowhere to hide, and we love it!

Our team at Pure SEO is all about measurability – we offer a full range of analytical services to help you understand the trends and fluctuations your website undergoes.


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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free, enterprise-level analytics programme that provides loads of insightful data about how many visitors a website has, where they have come from, what pages they visit, the duration of time users spend on the website, and so much more.

The majority of our clients use Google Analytics. However, because a massive amount of information is generated by Google Analytics, some of our clients find themselves overwhelmed by the graphics and numbers.

Every month, Pure SEO writes a report for your business, detailing only the important aspects, which help you make sense of the mountain of information.


Omniture is a more comprehensive statistical package created by Adobe. While Omniture is a great tool that supplies helpful information, advanced segmentation and analysis options, it is quite costly.

Several of our international corporate clients use Omniture, but the majority of our clients feel that Google Analytics is appropriate.

Analytics – Measurable ROI

Analytics allows professional website owners use to monitor the activity on their website. This allows marketers (like us!) to deduce which of the site elements are performing to expectations, and which are falling short. This information is crucial to make appropriate recommendations and changes.

The available packages include specific, yet versatile, data and graphs relating to traffic, and are complemented by an undemanding user interface. Regular alerts and updates ensure that the information gleaned is accurate and infinitely valuable for marketing purposes.

Find out which country users of your website come from, discover which page is the most popular on your website and learn which topics are of most interest to your users.


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Analytics allows you to set up goal funnels to specify the desired path you would like your site visitors to take in order to reach the destination goal. We can help identify these paths and analyse which one will lead you to success.

Analytics provides detailed flow charts to show exactly where your traffic is coming from and how visitors interact with your site.

Pure SEO can also help you ascertain the ranking of your website. With that knowledge, we can deduce which website features are limiting your potential to gain momentum.

It’s the perfect way to remain connected with your customer base, without going so far as to directly approach them.

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