SEO Tip: Compress Your Images to Optimise Page Speed

Google rewards websites that load quickly with higher rankings in the organic search results, because it knows that these websites provide a good user experience. Speeding up your website loading time can therefore not only make for a better experience for your users, but it can also help improve your SEO performance.

If your site is loading slowly, large image files may be partly to blame. We primarily recommend two tools:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC – this will allow you to compress your images while maintaining quality before uploading them.
  • WP Smush Pro – if you use WordPress as your CMS you can bulk compress all of the images across your website including images that have been uploaded to different directories.

There are also several free tools available on the internet that allow you to compress your images before adding them to your website. Compress large images using your favourite free online image optimisation tool and replace the old image files on your website with the new, optimised ones. Doing this can dramatically improve your website’s loading time.

3 April 2019

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